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Spear & Jackson Insects Zapper Bug

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  • Highly efficient and Widely used: use this equipment wherever and whenever, you may take it on holiday, use it in the home or in the hard to reach areas in the office. No more trying to be Jackie Chan.
  • Instant Kill: when the bug mosquito fly or insect touches the bat, press the button for an instant and painless kill and remove the annoying buzzing noises in a flash.
  • Indoors and Outdoors: use the bug zapping bat in a flash easily inside or outside, the lightweight but sturdy bat is easily portable to chase the pesky insects away!
  • Battery Operated: coming with AA Batteries, that are easily accessible and replaceable in the small compartment on the bat handle.
  • Money and Time Saver: rather than investing in costly pest control potions, lotions, lights and expensive tools, this easy to use simple bat will quickly help resolve your pest issues.