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12/24V Extra Long Car Charger with Micro USB Connector

by iN Tech
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  • MADE FOR A VARIETY OF ELECTRONICS: This Extra-Long Car Charger comes included with a Micro USB Connector, meaning it was made to charge a wide variety of electrical products! Charge your Android phones, even laptops on-the-go in the cigarette lighter of your car and never worry about having dead electronics while on the road, ever again.
  • EXTRA-LONG CHARGING CABLE: Our exclusive Micro USB Car Charger features a 1.2-metre-long charging cable. No need to twist, turn, reach or contort yourself in uncomfortable positions to get close to the electrical outlet! The extra-long cable ensures that you can reach the electrical outlet from up to 1.2 metres away.
  • CAR-COMPATIBLE: This Micro USB Car Charger was perfectly designed to work in synchronicity with your car’s cigarette lighter port. Simply plug the Micro USB Charger into your car’s auxiliary power outlet and charge your favourite electronics anywhere that your car goes! No special adaptors needed, just plug it in and go.
  • FAST-CHARGE: The IN-Tech Micro USB Car Charger features a port made specifically for 12/24 volts. This means you spend less time waiting for your electronics to charge, and more time actually using them! With an On-the-Go Charger curated specifically for use in your car, the IN-Tech Micro USB Charger is sure to efficiently charge all of your favourite electronics.
  • PERFECT FOR CAMPING: If you find yourself going somewhere with no electrical outlet available, IN-Tech has you covered. Our Micro USB Charger with a 1.2 Metre- Cable is a fantastic way to stay connected in case of emergency while you explore the great outdoors. Our Car Charger goes wherever you and your car go.