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iN TECH Wireless LED COB Panel Switch Light

by iN Tech
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  • PERFECT NIGHTLIGHT FOR CHILDREN: This Wireless LED COB Panel Light Switch is a perfect option for those looking for a child’s nightlight. With 140 Lumens, this light is bright enough to illuminate a dark room. If you are looking for the perfect nightlight option, this Wireless LED Panel Switch Light will not disappoint.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This LED Panel Switch Light is easy to install, without the need for electricians or unnecessary wires or messes. The magnetic backing means all you have to do is mount your light switch with magnets, wall mount, or hook and loop tabs. Install your light switch anytime and anywhere without the need to pay for a professional.
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION: This Wireless LED Panel Switch can also be installed in garages, cupboards, cars, or any other dark area that needs illumination. No need for electrical outlets, the battery powered construction means it can be utilised almost anywhere that extra light is needed easily and with total convenience.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: The lightweight construction of this LED light switch means it carries no excess weight making it perfect to mount on ceilings, doors, without risk of falling off. Rest easy knowing that your LED Panel Switch Light will remain firmly wherever you decide to mount it, providing you with the perfect amount of light.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: The purchase of your iN TECH Wireless LED Panel Light Switch Comes included with the necessary AAA batteries for your ultimate convenience. No need to buy any other extra parts or accessories, simply pull your LED Panel Light Switch out of its packaging, mount it where you wish, and it is instantly ready for use.