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Qi Wireless Charging Phone Mount

by iN Tech
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  • SAFE DRIVING EXPERIENCE: This Universal Phone Cradle Car Mount is perfect for using your phone as a GPS in your car. It will not distract your eyesight while driving and prevent you from putting yourself in any danger. It simply attaches onto your car’s dashboard or windscreen and is designed to hold your phone using the cradle grip while you keep your eyes up and looking ahead and so you can navigate, answer a phone call or even listen to your music while driving hands free.
  • FITS MOST QI ENABLED WIRELESS DEVICES: This phone holder can hold devices up to 9.5cm wide, including most Android and Apple phones, GPS Devices and so much more! It’s durable, easy to use, and has a strong holding system thanks to its soft foam grip pads which holds your device securely while driving. What’s more, it’s easy to attach to your dashboard or windscreen thanks to its double suction cup.
  • EASY TO USE: To secure your device, extend the grip pad and slot your phone in, the grips will tighten around your phone so it won’t move around in transit. Simply extended the grips again to remove your phone, so you can quickly and easily remove your device when you have reached your destination. With this easy to use design, it makes this phone mount safe, time and energy-efficient, and you’ll never have to fiddle about with your phone again.
  • 360° ADJUSTABLE VIEW: This Mount is equipped with a 360 degree adjustable joint that allows for convenient rotation, seamlessly providing you with the best viewing angle for you or for your passenger to assist in adjusting your destination. This Grip Mount will ensure a safe driving experience without causing any distractions whether you are navigating, talking on the phone, enjoying your music or even charging your device.
  • STICKY SUCTION PAD: Sticks securely and attaches devices with ease to any car windscreen, dashboard or flat surface (You can even stick these to your desk!). If you do find in time the pad is no longer sticking, then simply run the sticky pad under clean water and air dry. The pad can over time get clogged with dust and dirt from your dashboard and windscreen – once it’s fully dry you will be stuck and secure again.