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PawPride Luxury Pet Seat Cover

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  • LUXURY PET SOFA COVER: Introducing the PawPride Luxury Pet Sofa Cover. This excellent accessory is a must have item for all pet owners that want to keep their sofa clean and free from dirt and pet hair and spoil their furry friend at the same time with this comfortable cover. This pet sofa cover provides a comfortable and warm layer for their favourite spot in the house acting as a cosy blanket for any use.
  • QUALITY PADDING FOR COMFORT AND WARMTH: This super comfy and cosy pet sofa cover blanket is crafted using warm and soft materials. Each cover is made using plush padded fabric, perfect for cats and dogs and other pets that love soft, warm environments, as well as comfortable for you to sit on too. This warm cover is ultra-soft and will be a great gift for your puppy, dog, kitten or cat.
  • KEEPS YOUR HOUSE CLEAN: This large, super-soft cover for your dog or cat is a must have addition to your home, especially if your pet often gets hair and fur on the sofa or is a particularly mucky pup! Provide a comfortable place for them to sit and prevent your home from being covered in shed hair, fur, dirt and all the other things that your four-legged friends often bring in from outside.
  • LARGE DESIGN & EASY TO CLEAN: This Luxury Padded Pet Sofa Cover is lightweight, durable and sturdy, and easy to clean; it’s machine washable, and water resistant, and will stand up too many years of use. This Luxury Pet Blanket is also ample in size, and at 1.2m it will easily fit on a 2-seater couch in your living room or cosy den.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With every purchase, you are provided with a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase at any point during your experience, get in touch with us and we'll send you a replacement or refund your purchase price immediately.