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PawPride Pet Grooming Glove

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  • EASY-TO-USE: This Silicone Pet Grooming Brush is easy to use and a great bonding tool between you and your pet! Simply slide the glove onto your hand and stroke your pet to remove excess fur and encourage healthy blood stimulation. When you are done, simply peel away the excess fur to reveal your clean and brushed pet.
  • ENJOYABLE FOR YOUR PET: Collect all your pet’s excess fur without irritation in a way that is enjoyable for both you and your furry friend! Turn your next brushing session into a spa session with this Pet Grooming Glove that is both highly effective and an excellent option that won’t irritate pets with sensitive skin.
  • BPA-FREE: This Pet Grooming Glove is made from 100% BPA-Free silicone. This means it is healthy for you, your pet, and the environment as well! Not only is this silicone highly durable, but you can rest easy knowing that it has been made with no harsh chemicals ensuring healthy use for you and your pet.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: This Grooming Glove is extremely easy to clean. To remove hair after brushing all you need to do is peel it away from the silicone tips. The silicone construction makes it a breeze to rinse after use, so that you can have a grooming glove that is good as new every time you want to use it.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This Pet Grooming Glove is an excellent option for brushing and bathing as well. Make shampooing extra easy with this silicone glove that helps to get the shampoo lathered deep into your pet’s fur. The silicone tips allow for gentle stimulation of your pet’s skin and fur to get a deep clean during your next bath time.