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PawPride Pet Towel

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  • MAGNIFICENT MICROFIBRE: Pamper your pet post-bath time with this luxurious and quick drying microfibre towel. With its moisture-wicking properties and gentle-for-fur fibres, your four-legged companion will be clean and dry in absolutely no time. Give your pet the gift of a gentle post-bath towel treatment that is effective yet soft and comfortable for your best friend.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: Made from the highest quality microfibre, this towel is guaranteed to lift the moisture effortlessly from your pet’s coat. Microfibre magically lifts greasy and oily residue with minimal effort and no uncomfortable sensation for your pet. With two built-in hand pockets for easy drying, you’ll spend less time trying to dry your pet after walks, grooming and bathing.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These convenient and lightweight microfibre towels can be easily washed in any standard washing machine. Wash on normal cycle with cool water and dry with medium heat on tumble dry low. Avoid using fabric softener as it clogs the fibres of the towel making it less absorbent.
  • VERY VERSATILE: Don’t let your furry friend destroy your beloved furniture! These versatile microfibre pet towels also can be used to protect leather and cloth car seats and/or furniture when transporting your furry friend. Just throw it in the washing machine after and use.
  • EASILY TRANSPORTABLE: These PawPride microfibre pet towels are lightweight and compact. They can easily be folded and tossed into a backpack, bag or purse with virtually no added weight and minimal space taken up! These towels were designed for the active pet and owner, so take them along worry free.