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Spear & Jackson Bug Zapper Lantern

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  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: The Bug Zapper Lantern is your new best friend whether it’s on camping trips in the great outdoors or while you relax at home on your patio with a glass of wine. You’ll never be bugged again by mosquitos, moths and unwanted flying insects, and you can forget the smelly insect repellent spray with the Spear & Jackson Bug Zapper Lantern.
  • EFFECTIVE UV LIGHT: The S&J Bug Zapper Lantern is designed to attract and kill a wide variety of flying insects. The Ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by this lantern is within the luminescent range proven effective to lure these insects. Insects are naturally attracted to the light and killed as they come into contact with the electrically charged grid area.
  • DESTROYS THEM QUICKLY AND HYGIENICALLY: Once the fly, mosquito or equally pesky insect falls victim to the lure of the UV light, it is zapped quickly and hygienically and will fall to the collection tray below, ready for disposal. Ensure you take the proper precautions when unscrewing the base to dispose of the insects.
  • SUSPEND OR FREE-STANDING: Thanks to the sturdy base and the suspending hook that is located at the top of the Zapper Lantern, this excellent accessory can be suspended freely from the ceiling, on nails and hooks, or wherever is most convenient. If there’s nowhere to hang it, then you can just rest it free-standing on the table or floor, ready to protect you from bites and stings, and with a 1.5 metre power cable it can reach most areas of your home, garden or camping area.
  • SAFE AND HANDY KIT: The Spear and Jackson Bug Zapper Lantern features a safety guard around the light serving as a layer of protection, and acts as a friendly, protective barrier for friendly animals and insects such as butterflies and birds, and even your curious pets or your child’s wandering fingers.