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Spear & Jackson Magnetic Door Curtain

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£12.99 - £12.99
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  • NO MORE BUGS IN YOUR HOME: With the Spear & Jackson Magnetic Mesh Door Curtain you won't need to worry about Spiders, Moths, Mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bugs etc.. in your home.
  • LET THE AIR IN AND KEEP THE INSECTS OUT: The spear & Jackson Magnetic Mesh Curtain is made with a fine mesh to let air in but keep those pesky bugs out and allows pets to wonder freely in and out of the curtain.
  • CLEVER MAGNETS: This clever door screen uses the magnets to snap shut automatically after you, your pets or family walk through. Snapping shut behind you the magnetic fly screen will not give those flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and bees a chance to slip in.
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED: The magnetic fly screen is perfect for those sunny days when you and your pets or kids will be running in and out constantly. Fitting over single doors, sliding doors and caravan doors easily without the use of tools, screws or nails and when winter comes around it's easy to remove too!
  • SPEAR & JACKSON LICENCE: This magnetic door curtain is licenced under the Spear & Jackson brand. S&J and the S&J logotype are registered trademarks of the Spear & Jackson and are used under licence.