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Magnetic Vent Phone Mount

by iN Tech
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  • SAFE DRIVING EXPERIENCE: This Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount is perfect for using your phone as a GPS in your car. It will not distract your eyesight while driving and thus prevent you from putting yourself in any danger. It simply attaches onto your car’s dashboard and is designed to hold your phone using the magnetic surface while you keep your eyes up and looking ahead and so you can navigate, answer a phone call or even listen to your music while driving hands free 
  • FITS MOST DEVICES: This phone holder is certified with different technical standards and tests according to road safety laws in the UK, and is guaranteed to fit most smartphone sizes including Android and Apple phones, GPS Devices and so much more! It is durable and has a strong holding system thanks to its magnetic surface which can hold most devices securely while driving 
  • ADJUSTABLE VIEW: The Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount is equipped with an adjustable clip that can which allows for convenient rotation, seamlessly providing you with the best viewing angle or for your passenger to assist in adjusting your destination or to help with guidance. It will ensure you a safe driving experience without causing any distractions whether you are navigating, talking on the phone, enjoying your music or even charging your device 
  • SINGLE-HANDED OPERATION: It features a quick release button located at the back of the unit that will allow the holder to slide open easily take out your devices. To secure your device, a single press on its arms on both sides will clamp your device. With a single-hand operation design, it makes this Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount is safe, time and energy-efficient 
  • SUPERB QUALITY: Made of ABS material which is guaranteed to be durable, flexible and waterproof. It is built in a simple, elegant, and functional design. It features a smooth surface which helps to grip and attach devices perfectly without any issues. This Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount is designed to fit most of Android and Apple Smartphones, Tablets, and GPS Devices, and slots in with ease to any car vent on your car’s dashboard