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PawPride Dog Grooming Kit

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  • 5 Brushes in 1: 1. Self-cleaning pin brush : For daily use and a gentle massage to your pets skin! 2. Bath Brush : remove dirt, massage and increase blood circulation at bath time. 3. Bristle Brush : remove loose hair and spread natural oils across the coat. 4. De-shedding comb : reduce your dogs shedding by up to 95% by gently removing the loose undercoat fur. 5. De-matting comb : achieve a more professional result when removing stubborn knots, tangles and mats
  • Money Saver: Save yourself money, time, space, and effort by choosing the adaptable and easily changeable head brush rather than buying five separate brushes – seems rather silly to do that now… eh!
  • Loved By All:  with the different heads and different uses of them all, its almost a guarantee that your pet will be feeling and looking PAWfect after a quick and easy groom.
  • Self-Cleaning: with the technology of the pin brush, which is one we recommend for daily use on your pooch, all pet hair can be removed in a simple push of a button… magical!
  • Easy to use and assemble:  simply slide off the head you no longer need and click on a different one that you need to get your grooming done in minutes!