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PawPride Pig & Bone Dog Toy

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  • Snuggle Buddy – use this cute pink pig or the multi-coloured plush bone as a soothing toy for your dog to help them relax at night! A great idea for puppies or even big dogs who like a cuddly toy.
  • Super soft – this firmly stuffed toy pig and toy bone are made from dual fabrics that are equally as soft as each other but provide different textures, so they don’t just look cute, but they feel super cute too!
  • Squeaky – whilst your puppy or dog can use this toy as a calming tool, the high-pitched and exciting squeak can be used to do the exact opposite…entice them to play!
  • Premium & Durable – with thicker, non-toxic fabric, whilst this isn’t a chew toy, it is durable and can be tugged about by your furry friend and allow for interactive dog games to commence, to keep them happy and busy.
  • Machine Washable – to keep your toy from getting smelly or perhaps Penelope The Pig was dragged through the mud… wash both toys on 30 ° and get them back to as good as new.